Digital Projects

I am a digital humanities scholar and digital archivist who is capable in writing codes, editing videos, designing websites, and managing database.

Media Preservation

  • (2021) “MD Project” – a media digital preservation project. This is a testing project based on the existing coding scripts established by linux-minidisc and NetMDPython to extract digital contents stored in MiniDiscs and transfer them to local computer. The project intends to provide practical and open-source based follow-along instructions for audiovisual archivists in their daily works where MiniDisc collections are involved. The documentation of the project and workflow (in progress) could be accessed via
  • (2020) “Processing Videos at La MaMa” – a set of Python script serves as a microservice for processing video files at the La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club Archive. Access via
  • (2019) “AirTable Collection and Project Management System – A tutorial” – a demonstration of how to use basic functions of AirTable to manage your digital asset collections. Access via


  • (2020) “We Are What We Eat” – visualization of a cookbook collection cataloguing metadata dataset. The collection is held by the NYU Libraires Division. The dataset is cleaned in OpenRefine. Visualization is accomplished through Python scripts to generate word-clouds. The project documentation is here:
  • (2020) On Vacation! – Interweaving American and Chinese Histories through Home Movies” – a web-based ArcGIS StoryMap that demonstrates a virtual exhibition of a Chinese American home movie collection. Access the public-view version via (collaborated with Robert F. Hoffman from NYU)